Countless cryptocurrency exchanges in this world into one.

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What’s Photon Trade

The aim of this pre-ICO project is to consolidate countless cryptocurrency exchanges in this world into one.
In recent years, numerous centralized cryptocurrency exchanges were established, yet no exchange was able to achieve "high security", "low commission" and "large transaction volume" with "high usability".
Therefore, rather than offering a traditional centralised exchange, we aim to evolve cryptocurrency transactions by developing a permissioned decentralised cryptocurrency exchange that enables connectivity to Wallets all around the world, capable of carrying all the world’s cryptocurrency transactions, revolutionizing cryptocurrency trading to a whole new dimension.

A permissioned decentralised cryptocurrency exchange is a whole new dimension


The reason we need to develop a permissioned decentralised cryptocurrency exchange

Issues with existing cryptocurrency exchanges

Currently, many users are still purchasing cryptocurrencies from company "sales offices", incurring high transaction fees, rather than from an "exchange" that enables both direct purchase and sell of cryptocurrencies.
There are also great security concerns related to “centralized exchanges”, which populate the market, as can be seen from recent cryptocurrency exchange cracking and hacking incidents.
Therefore, we will be developing a decentralized exchange, capable of offering high security levels.

Issues with existing decentralized exchanges

Currently, there are several existing decentralized exchanges, however, high transaction fees and low transaction volumes are both factors contributing to the absence of end users.
The main issue affecting existing decentralized exchanges is the unsuitable level of trading fees imposed on transactions, as the market price of cryptocurrencies saw high growth in recent years, the transaction fees (GAS) generated during transactions also grew proportionally.
Transaction volumes also dropped significantly due to soaring fees and increased usability hurdles.
Therefore, by developing a permissioned decentralized exchange that does not require a GAS (fee), an intermediate between centralized exchanges and decentralized exchanges, association with Wallets around the world becomes a possibility, at the same time, achieving “high security", “low transaction fees", “large transaction volume" and “high usability".
The permission holder is assumed to be a Wallet management company.
We have determined that arbitrary operations can be prevented by clearly publishing the permission requirements and quantitative requirements of this product, necessary transparency can be maintained. The most advantageous feature of Blockchain technology, transparency will not be impaired for going private rather than public.

The merit of a permissioned decentralised cryptocurrency exchange

Centralized Type Decentralized Type Permissioned
Low Security High Security High Security
Low transaction fees High transaction fees Low transaction fees
Small transaction volumes Small transaction volumes Large transaction volumes
High usability Low usability High usability


Road map


We place extreme emphasis on security, especially in cryptocurrency transactions.
For security aspects, cold wallet, two-step authentication login and multi-signature wallet will be adopted. Full details of security implementations including those on operational aspects are listed below.


Physical isolation from the internet with cold wallet

Partially implemented by certain existing exchanges, theoretical isolation from public clouds do not fully prevent the risk of theft, as "stealing the root account of the public cloud itself" remains a possibility.
With PHOTON, precious wallets are kept safe as installed servers are physically isolated from the internet in highly secure data centres in japan.


Implementation of countermeasures against client-side vulnerability based on industry standards

We will implement countermeasures against vulnerability based on JSSEC standards, conducting periodic vulnerability inspections by external organizations for applications dedicated towards transactions.
The cryptocurrency stealing middleman attack against MyEtherWallet was preventable if appropriate measures were implemented on the client side.
With PHOTON, an application is dedicated towards middleman attack prevention, preventing any potential damages that may be caused with the implementation of Certificate Transparency support and browser add-on with the function to inspect Certificate Pinning.


Correct network design and access protection

In the recent cryptocurrency CoinCheck spill incident, one of the causes was thought to be sharing the same network for both information nodes and wallet access nodes.
At PHOTON, each network is individually designed for each network, achieving not only isolation but also implementing defence mechanisms such as UTM (Integrated Threat Management) at the entrance of each network.


Acquire Privacy Mark · ISMS certification (ISO 27001)

Existing cryptocurrency exchanges rarely acquire security certification from third party organizations.
PHOTON plans to acquire Privacy Mark and ISMS certification as proof of appropriate management of information assets from third party institutions.


Management of appropriate updates for internal facilities

We manage updates for PCs / OS for entire servers, various libraries, antivirus software etc. that are connected to the internet and protects against attack for known vulnerabilities of older versions.


Management of appropriate authorisation for operational requirements

We will establish an appropriate authorisation management and approval system by introducing a mechanism that requires multiple authentication steps for cold wallet withdrawals.

Token Detail


ICO token will be issued with ETH Smart Contract compliant "ERC 20" that is compatible with most ICO Wallets.

Total cryptocurrency issuance: 25 billion PHOTON GOLD
Total issuance amount (per 1 PHOTON GOLD): 0.8 yen at pre-ICO, 5% OFF market price post-ICO, 5% OFF market price at SCO

Cryptocurrency issuance: 2.5 billion PHOTON GOLD (10%)
Maximum procurement funds: 2 billion yen
Issue price (per 1 PHOTON GOLD): 0.8 yen

Cryptocurrency issuance: 7.5 billion PHOTON GOLD (30%)
Issue price (per 1 PHOTON GOLD): 5% OFF market price

Cryptocurrency issuance: 7.5 billion PHOTON GOLD (30%)
Issue price (per 1 PHOTON GOLD): 5% OFF market price

Procurement purpose and timline

Currently under consideration

For details on how to receive tokens, please see the FAQ.



How can I purchase PHOTON GOLD?


We accept ETH.


Can I check the development progress of PHOTON?


You can check progress of development on Facebook, Twitter, Github etc.


For purchasers who do not have an existing ERC20 compatible wallet and those who did not submit a valid Wallet address, how can I get token?


For purchasers who do not have an existing ERC20 compatible wallet and those who did not submit a valid Wallet address, an account with the PHOTON service site with your registered e-mail address will be assigned after the PHOTON service commences.
The PHOTON GOLD tokens will be deposited to the Wallet assigned by the PHOTON service site.


When will I get token if I already have a ERC20 compatible wallet?


If you have your own ERC20 compatible wallet, PHOTON GOLD tokens will be deposited to Wallet within 2 weeks of the end of the ICO period for purchasers who have submitted a Wallet Address.


In case of transaction failures such as Wallet software malfunctions and Wallet address errors etc, will you compensate?


We will not compensate for transaction failures such as Wallet software malfunctions, Wallet address errors etc.


Can I change the Wallet address I submitted once?


If a Wallet address is not registered by the end of the ICO period (2018 MAY / XX 23: 59), the deposit will be locked to the assigned PHOTON transaction account and the destination Wallet can no longer be changed to another ERC20 compatible Wallet.


Is there any other case where I can not purchase a token?


Depending on the country or region where you live, there are cases where the ICO is regulated, so please check it yourself and purchase it.





Born in 1986. After graduating from graduate school, he experienced the planning and development of 3D printers at a trading company.After that, he was active as a growth hacker at startup in Japan. In three years, he gained the result of having 20 million DL and more than 6 million registered members in his product charge.
Won the Best Application at the Xiaomi Store in 2017.




Born in 1991. Start programming by 10 year old. Start work of iPhone application and web development from 2009.
Establish Kibousoft LLC. in 2015, And serve as a CEO.
Supporting iPhone application development of many companies, operating distributed SNS, And doing more activities.


PHOTON LLC. Designer





Weikalossu Ltd.CEO

Wei-lun Lin 

Wei-lun Lin graduated from the the Concept and Media Planning Institute, Kyoto City University of Arts. He used to be a visual arts artist in his early career. 2014, he founded Weikalossu Ltd. that provides counseling services for international partnerships. In 2015, I had Joint venture in various fields to establish the subsidiary company, expanded and invested lots business in China, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia and America etc.


FLiPER Creative Inc. CO-FOUNDER‭

Cash Tsai 

Chia Hsiang, lives at Taipei Shihlin, and graduated from the Department of Electronic Engineering, but after a year, he go into the industry of culture and creativity, and be the Co-founder of FLiPER which is well-known the online cultural media in Taiwan In addition to starting his own business, he also participated in a number of start-up companies in the industry of culture and creativity, committed to the development and promotion of the cultural and creative industries, and he hoped that the entire culture, design and creation of Taiwan would be valued by everyone, once again picking up the Chinese orthodox sense of honor. Compared to exploring the essence of each commodity, it is more desirable to convey the culture, stories, and people behind it.


Founder CEO Kick9 Inc.

WANG Yong 

Mr. Wang founded Kick 9 Inc. both in Shanghai, China and Silicon Valley, USA in March 2014, focusing on technology development and content distribution in the field of wireless internet, serves currently as CEO. Prior to founding Kick 9, Mr. Wang served as Greater China CEO of the world's leading wireless Internet company DeNA. In this role, Mr. Wang led the company from scratch to become one of the world's three core business platforms in DeNA Group in 5 years, and successfully established a complete mobile game development, distribution and operating system. Prior to joining DeNA, Mr. Wang served for CA Mobile, a leading mobile service company in Japan, and NTT, the world’s largest telecom operator. Mr. Wang holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from University of Illinois in USA and a Bachelor’s degree from Mie University in Japan.


CHAIN PLAY Founding Partner/CTO

Luo Linbo(Chinese) 

Former blockchain director of Mushroom Street
Former payment and settlement architect of Ant Financial
Bachelor of Communication Engineering, Harbin University of Science and Technology, majored in P2P communication technology. Started focusing on the field of payment finance and the application of blockchain technology since 2014; leading a team to design and develop a blockchain credits marketing platform and a blockchain-based insurance platform; former technical adviser in a famous webcast company on transformation towards blockchain broadcast.


CHAIN PLAY Partner in AI Tech

Liu Qin(Canadian) 

Computer Science, University of Waterloo
Master of Artificial Intelligence, University of Toronto
Big Data engineer, Google Personal golden medal in Kaggle Competition, the world’s best and largest community of developers and competition platform in the field of data sciences / machine learning (now acquired by Google).


CHAIN PLAY Founding Partner/COO

Liu Qi(Chinese)

12 years’ experience as a mid and high-level manager of Internet product operation; led several RMB 10 million+ projects in famous Internet companies like Monternet, Foyo and Sohu Changyou.8 years’ experience of team management. Focused on strategy layout and management of Internet-oriented products, with mature product methodology and operation experience of several million-level products from zero to one .